CUT : Place templates on 2 sheet cakes (see workbook for all cake and frosting recipes), and cut on with a paring knife. Diiscard scraps. Halve smallest fin piece and round eyeball piece horizontally, discarding bottom halves.

ASSEMBLE : Arrange pieces into a fish shape as shown in third photograph.


FROST : starting with 6 cup batterceam, reserve 1/2 cup and tint the rest pale blue with food coloring. Use blue bettercream to attach fins, tail, tip and eyeball to body. Coat eyeballs with untinted buttercream and the rest of cake with blue buttercream, rounding a over the fin in the center of the body. Refrigerate until frosting is firm, about 30 minutes and up to overnight. Add a second smooth coat of untinted buttercream to eyes. Layer more blue buttercream on fins and tail, creating grooves with a small offset spatula. Add more food coloring to remaining buttercream to darken it. Place in a pastry bag fitted with a small curved petal tip (ateco #61). Starting at the adge of tail, pipe scallops across the body, overlapping each scallop and each row.



FINISHING TOUCH : Use 2 candycoated sunflower seeds as pupils and 1 red gummy Life Savers candy, halved, as lips.


Source : LIVING MAGAZINE MAY 2012-05-02

My opinion :

Time reading a magazine while i was living in a page is opened the ladle jerusalem–the flsh cake , i am interested in it is so funny congee herring-shaped is frigging want to can make flsh cake . In articles not explicable anything , the material unfortunately not informed of the tools and materials that must be prepared . If seen the result is frigging be sweetie if eaten it was just so so , will be on display moreover , if we could make himself eager to demonstrate to everyone . Flsh cake this is good for business , who want to open pastry so a slight suggestion from me flsh cake is interesting to by tried out . If not wanted to open up efforts can also give it a try at home in time idly . Good try…..


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