I m Sri Novita Sari Setyaningsih, commonly called Naning with height 158 cm, weight 45 kg, black hair, black eyes, white skin. I was born on november, 14th, 1990.My horoscope Scorpio girl. My education began at the age of 5 and a half years in kindergarten, Islamic Garden. 6 years in primary school 05 Bambu Apus, continued junior high school 269 Jakarta for three years and rising to the level of senior high school 113 East Jakarta. I am now enrolled in Semester 8 Management-s1.

                                                              My dad called Sularto 48 years, the name of my mom Mulyasri 41 years. She is my role model as they are, i love u so much my parents.

Since childhood I was most afraid of same ondel-ondel to the point that just got sick after seeing odel-ondel hahaa … his name is also a small child do not know if it there is the dude. The little time I have often noticed the streets every weekand and said mama I love stylish moments in photos with my style of typical looking … turns out my narcissist also iaa hehee it must be in a curious little time with a picture of me

I ‘m the first of three sisters . Trying to see the picture at the bottom left of me while my right beside a younger brother named dodi utomo and my sister the second called Nila Sari Safitri . That picture a time tour kindergartens a younger brother me , now my brother ‘s was 17 years old , my sister was 13 years old , while i was 21 years old .

My favorite color is pink , almost clothes in a closet full of pink color . My mama always scolding if any buy clothes the same of color again . Until my friends call me mis . Pinky. Hehee

My favorite food chicken fried chicken and fuel , well-seasoned moreover , also like to broil same chocolate ice cream ow … all YUMMY . Any food or drink water remain iced tea .hehee .

A hobby i love reading , so like to listen to music the song R & B same pop want from foreign and domestic , i love being untouchable girl , i m a dreamer and i have a very big dream . I do love my self .

My favorite artist now again to idolize iko uwais in addition to his face that is so cool that his martial arts tables as though i want to be protected same iko uwais lebay ! You know iko uwais, who mess of a movie wander and the raid indonesia , the film the action of martial silat very good make melted every i saw my action at a movie theater . Go iko noise- go iko increase your martial to be able to win fight to get me . ( i ‘ m sorry , excessively fond heheee … )

I ‘ m most gristly moppet can ‘ t you see , is so funny love is frigging same moppet rich as eager to pinch his cheek . Every day i used to play with a kid chance my neighbors have a 2 year old his name is teza , before i started this writing i used to play with teza hahaaa .

Well from last talk about my favorite keep certainly on want to know what the not i like. I don’t like being lied to, commented upon the issue of appearance, the most hated the same flower, I hate spoiled people and moreover.

Activity me now studying to become manajemen-s1 , every day commuting between colleges , mall , come back home . Moreover , i noted as mahasisiwi senior year pseudonyms again dealing same whose name skripsi . Of course ‘s activity pesky can do alone with my boy friend heri budi setiawan i happened to messmate so accidental frigging things done both that hahaiii …, but not quite anyway i have friends unique on campus , we love name group viterlin . This her ……………In ranging from the right first picture… have rahmi , vita , linda , me , eda and titis .

While senior high school there also gang his name Chelastarqin we still like together if there is a friend who birthday . Not to mention my friends time junior high school, primary school and kindergarten we can mutual communication through group on facebook .

Maybe enough for further, u can ask me enjoy with my blog.

Find on me:

Facebook: Naning Pinky Kirey

Twitter : @naningg_

Special thanks to ALLAH SWT, prophet Muhammad SAW, family, friends and reader.

It’s me.


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